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Post by Admin on Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:27 am

MHShenanigan RULES 2039799627:Model Horse Shenanigans RulesMHShenanigan RULES 2039799627:


Model Horse Shenanigans is NOT responsible for the content posted on this forum.  If personal information, comments posted against someone or names posted on MHShenanigans, we are not accountable for it. We will delete certain contents IF it is necessary, but we will rarely delete posts. Under U.S. Law, we are not accountable for any facts, opinions and errors posted.  Legally, we don't HAVE to delete a post either.  _______________________________________________________________________________________________

We are open to other sites like Model Horse Shenanigans! You are free to post links and such here.  However NO negative talks between ANY forum. We do not tolerate downgrade talk to other forums.   _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Light swearing is fine, extreme cursing is not tolerated. There will be a forum where you can do just that. (Not currently available)  You can use any smiley's (emoticons) with "WTF" and such.  If you absolutely feel the need to place a curse word, please substitute letter with symbols. ( $#%& ) _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Model Horse Shenanigans does NOT tolerate any harsh comments towards a member. You will be warned.  If you continue to ignore the first warning, there will be a second warning. If still ignored, you will be banned for 3 days. If the harsh comments continue even after the 3 day ban, you will be banned permanently from this site. If you have any disagreements, it needs to be confined to the thread where the discussion began.  Don't bring up your disagreement/argument in other threads. Do not post any PM's or emails. (Unless in the transaction boards) No posting of personal information of other hobbyists.   _______________________________________________________________________________________________

You can link an article to a thread but do NOT copy the whole article. You can copy small quotes or portions of the article. Images can be posted here but have to be on a public site. No uploading a photo that isn't yours.  The only exception to the rule if you can properly credit the owner of the photo.  _______________________________________________________________________________________________

No posting sales ads outside the transaction forums!
You can state " This model will be for sale when finished" or "I've been thinking about selling this model".  But no pricing or offers or anything of the sort.
You can not offer items/models for sale/trade that doesn't belong to you.  It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN outside the transactions forum.
If you post in the transaction forum, please include your first and last name. No personal info like home addresses, phone numbers or any personal information of non hobbyists.
Please relate first-hand account experiences.

Post where it belongs! Make sure you make your new post in a topic that is related!
Simple mistakes every now and then will get corrected, but deliberately posting in wrong topics and not learning from it, we will give you a warning.  Second time will be suspended from posting on MHShenanigans, third time is banned.
You MUST learn the rules of the thread!

Before you post a question, make sure to "Search" a forum to see if someone else has asked the same question.

Do not resurrect old threads that are a year old.

We will not edit your posts. UNLESS there's harsh profanity or personal information posted.  
The posts will not be deleted and will remain there forever.

If you keep attempting to provoke others, aggravate them,(Trolling) or causing the moderators to spend an unusually high amount of time on a thread. You will get one warning, if you don't comply, then you will be banned permanently.

Rules and Violations

If you see anything that violates a post, please report it. Not all moderators will be online all the time.

Model Horse Shenanigans reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary on a case by case basis.

- First violation (infrequent violations) gets a PM with a polite warning and a reminder to not do it again from a mod.
- Second violation of the same issue will result in another warning OR suspension(OR banning) of posting on this site for 3 days.
- Third violation could result in a longer temporary ban or a permanent ban from this site.

Not call cases are the same, so we can make exceptions on some cases and also may change the strictness of violations.

DO NOT address another member about a violation yourself. (Either posting it publicly or PM's) Report it and let the mods handle it.

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